Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Girl just having fun!

Here's a little mash up of the fun that Viva and I often have together!   
"Do you see what I see foster mom?!"
Go girl, go!

Silly Terrier!

Here we are at Nose Work class.  Viva has made great strides and she has figured out what this place is all about - FUN!
Viva quickly ran into this area asking "Where are the containers?! "
We stop off to check out the "store" while Kathy gets our search ready.

"So many great things in here foster mom"

As we are heading down to the search area Viva wants to check out this room.  She's doing great with feeling more comfortable at this facility.
And of course Viva has to show off how she critters!
Check out how high she can jump!

"Come down here!"

I stood and stared at this tree trying to see what she was after.  Do you see it?

Viva sure does see it and it's a bird!

Below you can see the bird - took me a good while to spot up in the tree as Viva was ping ponging around to get it.
 She makes me laugh with her approach to getting the bird to come down to her...
When we are out crittering I find frequently find myself giggling from Viva's antics.
Fun, fun and more fun - Life is never boring with sweet foster girl Viva!

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