Sunday, October 25, 2015

A fun and beautiful adventure!

We have a great park that is about 5 minutes from us. It's even more amazing this time of year because of the fall foliage.  Sam Smith Park is a 15 acre park that spans the lid of I-90 tunnel.  No big surprise it's a busy park.  There are lots of walkers, runners, bikers, kids and people playing with there dogs.  So, we made sure to go at an off time.

I've never been able to figure out some of the artwork at this park. I've looked on line and can't find any links about them.  Here's some of the artwork -  these little sculptures with quotes are along part of the path. 

Viva doesn't know what the are either but, they have lots of smells.  No doubt from other dogs...

"Enough of this, lets see what's going on here!"

"WOW!  Look at this foster mom!"

Viva had lots of fun running through the leaves

A huge pile didn't slow her down!

So much to explore!

Beautiful leaves!

Lots to smell!

Time to check out more

Pretty bushes turning a deep red

Lots of walkers and biker use this tunnel that is on top of the I-90 tunnel. 
Love all the colors of the trees and trailing vines.

Off we go

Big open spaces which is perfect

The City of Seattle parks crew had just mowed all the lawns. As a result, I'm sure there's a ton to smell.

Working on recall!

Viva and I have figured out the 50 foot long line together and we both enjoy using it!

Time to check out this sculpture

Looking good Viva!

She hops up on the rock to get a better view

Then back down to root in the leaves

Back to the rocks and she watches...

The parks crew. 
She headed over to get a closer look and then came a running when I called her. Good girl Viva!

More running around

Viva watching the tennis courts.  There were a number of people playing and she wasn't sure what to make of them and their fast movements.

Like the parks crew, Viva headed over to check out the tennis players. Once I called her she came running.

We start heading back and there are people that we need to pass.

Viva says "No problem" and she is reinforced with food for ignoring the people.

"Hey foster mom, here's another art thing"

Viva had a great time

And I loved all the fall colors!

We timed this just right as yesterday it was windy and raining.  A lot of the leaves have now fallen on the ground and our window of the beautiful foliage is about gone.

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