Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We explore Jefferson Park Playground

School is back in session and I had a half a day of work so, a perfect time take Viva and check out the Jefferson Park Playground.  This play area has caught my eye each time we we've been at Jefferson Park but, with so many kids playing we stayed well away.  Kids and Viva are not a good mix at this point. They are loud and their unpredictable movements create a lot of worry for Viva. When Viva is worried/scared she gives a number of  behaviors that include a low growl and/or barking. And if what she's worried/scared about is to close she will lunge with the growling/barking.  So, again managing the environment is very important with Viva. 

This was excellent as the playground was empty and we had fun!
The large concrete area before the slide is the spray ground.  You can push a button and water will shoot up. I'm sure this spot was used a lot our warm summer.

Checking out the slides

Up the stairs we go and Viva thinking about the bird she sees flying by.  You can't really see it in this picture but, to the right of Viva (behind the rocks) is a small zip line for kids to play on.

Jefferson Park has wonderful sight lines as you can see from the top of the slides

Cool wall!

The wall tells you what's going on in the space.  

You can see the cistern in the background.  Viva enjoys walking up the rocks.

Watching the environment

Time to move on and we cross the bridge

A neat look out area

A lot of play structures for kids

We circle over to check out the cistern

And the cool rock walls with the funky bridge

Viva and I both think this is a pretty cool playground!

Time to head out and you can see the skateable sculpture in the background.

Here's a video that shows a large section of Jefferson Park 


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  1. Thanks for sharing more of Seattle with us...makes us want to come back for a visit!