Saturday, September 19, 2015

Peanuts and garbage cans!

As I've said and blogged about, D'light spends a lot of time at Seward Park.  He loves to critter and now the crazy boy has us hooked on hunting critters with him!

When D'light is out crittering he's not the wallflower many know him to be so, it's a joy to watch him have so much fun and while continuing to increase his confidence.

We have our critter route at the park that starts under the cedar trees

So much smell and D'light is a true hunter!

 Time to move and he's says "You have 50 feet of line so keep up!"


We head to the next spot and what is going on?!  Sadly no video but, it was crazy! Someone had recently left peanuts on the ground and there were about 6 squirrels eating when D'light saw them.  He took off and couldn't decide which one to chase!

Here his is in the peanut debris

Watching and hoping the squirrels will come back

"Where are you?!"

Time to get hunting!

The boy can run like the wind when he's after something

I couldn't figure out what was going on as we were running full board down to this garbage can. Then I heard it... the squirrel was in the garbage can.  As it rattled around in there D'light didn't know whether to be excited or scared.  When that squirrel popped out, it scared D'light but after a split second he was after it.

After the squirrel was gone, D'light came back to the can. D'light often goes back to where he was successful with flushing and/or treeing a squirrel.

He danced and danced...

and danced around the garbage can!  But, no more squirrels in the can.

Scanning for critters

He's onto something and off he goes!

He's on the critter scent

Go, go, go!

past the trees...

and guess where even more squirrels where sitting?
 Back in the peanut spot!

D'light had a blast chasing so many squirrels and his suggestion to me was to bring peanuts next time.

He hopepd up on the rock and I started snapping pictures!

Here's D'light's critter face - mouth open and intense stare

"Where are you?!"

Figuring out his next move

"I'm coming for you!"

Call him Torpedo D!

You can barely see him!

He's on a mission!

And he was head back to the garbage can!

"I'm here, where did you go?"

Time to start heading back and he's still in critter mode

He chases a few more critters...

Back at the car he's one happy boy!

Sweet boy is tired and will be dreaming of critters!

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