Friday, September 4, 2015

Best photo shoot ever!

I'm thrilled about this post!  Once we decided to foster Viva I wasn't sure we would be able to do an all dog photo shoot on our landing because of her intense dog reactivity. 

Here are the post (in case you missed them) that got us to this point.  Viva and our dogs are amazing and again with management and positive training we were able to get to this point pretty quickly.

My favorite picture of Viva!

Before I tried this with all three dogs, I did some work with D'light and Viva. This picture made me laugh and it shows Viva's progress.  D'light is stretching and with his butt up like this it would be ideal for the intense butt sniffing that Viva did when she first came to us.  Now here she is looking at the door at the bottom of the stairs not focusing on D'light's rear end!

Then Catty, Viva and I did some work.  Catty is a pro at this game of photo shoot - thus her intense stare at me to reinforce her good behavior.

Nice work by Viva who is more interested in looking out the window - I much prefer this behavior to her being intensely interested in Catty.

Viva says" Oh sweet, you have food reinforcers!"

After a treat Viva says "I'm off to find something more interesting to do"

"Still here mom!"

Later in the day we try again...

And all three are here!
Viva looking down at the door hoping to go for a walk.

The best shoot and I love it!

After this great work, everyone enjoyed their treat and Viva was  given more reinforcement by  going for a walk. 

Good job everyone!

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