Saturday, September 12, 2015

Viva post walk!

Viva is a silly, sweet girl and while she loves to go on walks, she also loves to do this when we get home.

Where are Catty and D'light while Viva is doing her thing?  We are still managing the environment so, when Viva and I come back from our walk.  Viva waits in our foyer (doors closed) while I go upstairs and baby gate off Catty and D'light. Then I go back down the stairs and let Viva in.  We found out quickly that Viva doesn't do well with trying to get up the stairs if the other dogs are loose.  
So, to make sure everyone is practicing good behavior, we still provide separation.  Viva can have some fun rolling around and then everyone is let out. I still have food reinforcers so that everyone can be rewarded for doing well around each other.

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