Friday, September 25, 2015

Catty LOVES Nose Work class at Gas Works Park

Anyone who knows me, knows that I think Nose Work does amazing things for dogs and dog/human relationship.   Nose Work gives the dog the power of choice, it builds your dogs confidence, it's a TON of fun and it strengthens the relationship between dog and handler.    Catty and I compete in Nose Work but, you don't have to. In fact I know a lot of teams that don't compete, they just love the game of Nose Work and sharing that with their dog.  Any dog of any age, size, behavioral issue or disability can do Nose Work. That's one of a thousand things that makes Nose Work awesome.

Here are some links (highlighted in green) to past blog posts regarding Nose Work with dogs that have been in our care. You can see the variety of dog and if you are new to Nose Work a lot is explained in the posts listed below.

From the time we adopted Catty, she had serious car sickness/anxiety.  Since her adoption in 2010, we'd never been able to work through the sickness/anxiety.  By just getting in the car she would do any of the following: drool, throw up and loose bowels and bladder .  I then started incorporating Nose Work as a reinforcer for car rides.  Here's the series of posts talking about this.

Since doing what I talk about in the above posts, Catty hasn't been sick in the car in well over a year.  She now joyfully runs to the car because that means we are heading out for a Nose Work adventure.

Thanks to all this work, we were able to drive down to Oregon to participate in Nose Work Camp. It was full of fun!

We now attend Nose Work drop in classes. These are wonderful as our amazing instructor Erica Wells takes to great locations.  Here are just a few in addition to Gas Works.

As I mentioned, Catty and I compete in the sport of Nose Work and here are some of those fun events!

Here are two great links talking about Nose Work

Are you now excited about trying out Nose Work with your dog?  If so here's a listing of all the National Association of Canine Scent Work Instructors and you can search by your state!

Time for nose work class and Catty says  "Lets do this!"

There was a lot going on at this early time of the morning. The 3 day Susan G. Komen event was going on and Gas Works Park was the first break spot.

Watching all the walking ladies in pink!

"I'm ready for my turn"

Here's a great youtube video talking about How dogs smell

We did all exterior searches - lots of fun for sure!

First search area that included a large area and the bathroom.  

Catty actually picked up the odor when she was on the ground and started looking up. Telling me the odor was up!  I put her on the counter and here she goes locating the odor.

When Catty finds the odor she gives me the look!

The search continues and this was an easy one for Catty

"Hello mom, I'm telling you it's here!"

Waiting for the next search area

Another large area and this area was really challenging for me!

"I love this game!"

"What's next?"

While we wait our turn we head down to the water.

Ducks in the water...

Catty was more fascinated by this very large pine cone in the water

Wondering if she should get after the ducks.

Some steps in the water...

Catty is a smart girl and she's realized she can't get to the ducks so, might as well walk the water line.  She's no doubt looking for something to eat.

Next search area and she finds the hide immediatly!

"It's right here!"

Next search area and it's all of this area plus more I couldn't capture in the picture.

You can see from the above and below pictures that she's following the odor.

And she would be right!

Waiting for the next round and she's watching the boats on Lake Union

"I'm ready"

A search in the barn that is full of bright colored pumps, compressors, and piping.

The odor is at the top of the post.

Hanging out for our next search area.

Silly photobomb girl!

We go hang out by another pump and Catty says "Are we doing something?"

"Oh you want a good picture? I can do that!"

We do some wall walking.  Downtown Seattle in the background.

"Oh I hear Erica calling my name!"

"I'm coming!"

The search area and it's massive

"Where are you?"


What a fun class with a wonderful location!

Catty watching the geese and with class over we can go check out the park.

Lots of ladies in pink for the walk

"Mom do you see all these people!"

Off to explore

Catty says "This could be a great search area"

There were a lot of float planes landing on Lake Union. You can see one off to the left of Catty.

We start the trek to the top of the hill at Gas Works Park

We made it to the top. 

Lots to see

This was Catty's kind of park and time to head back to the car.

Once we were home Catty was done for the day. 
Nose Work is exhausting and she's a happy, happy rattie girl  who loves Nose Work.


  1. Good girl, Cattie! Nose work looks like fun...maybe we'll try it for our Stewie, who is still fearful of men, even after a year with us.

    1. Nose Work does amazing things for dogs. Catty was fear reactive to people and very dog reactive. Nose Work has really helped work through those issues for Catty. We've been doing Nose Work for about 3 years now and over those years it's really changed Catty's world, increased her confidence and strengthened our relationship.