Saturday, September 5, 2015

Everyone enjoying the deck

The last days of warm summer weather are upon us but, before that happens...

D'light enjoys resting on our deck chairs

Viva enjoys warming her bones in the sun

Catty is wondering if we can do something...

"Mom there must be something to do?"

"Look at me standing near Viva - that should get me some food?"

Viva doing a nice job of looking away from Catty and yep, they both received a food reinforcer.


Catty says "lets do more as I'm bored!"

D'light and Viva are doing great with just relaxing.

"Still here mom, waiting..."

"Oh Catty, just relax..."

Viva says "I'm relaxed and enjoying the sun"

"Did you come up with something to do?!"

So, Catty and I headed out for a walk and D'light and Viva stayed home with Brett to get enjoy of the last summer sun.

Getting sleepy...

Just gonna rest my eyes for a bit

D'light has no problems catching some sleep and sun

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