Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lots to do at Seward Park

We head up to the amphitheater and we have the place to ourselves. 

I put the 50ft long line on Viva so she can run all over the place.  This isn't a training session - this is run and have fun time.  Lots of environmental enrichment and confidence building going on and my job is to just flow Viva and watch the environment.

Off she goes to check out the amphitheater

I had very few pictures turn out in the area since Viva was moving so fast!

Time to move onto the next part of the park

We head over to a spot with lots of shelters for barbeques. 
So much to smell! 

She's caught the scent of a critter

Checking out all the burlap bags

This is one reason I love the upper section of Seward Park.  The loop that you drive around is one way so, you can see the cars coming.  This allows us to walk down the road and Viva can ping pong back and forth when she smells something worth following.

Viva doesn't let bushes or blackberries slow her down when she's after something.

Yes she's deep in the bush!

Watching and wishing for a critter

"Are you up there?"

Time to move on and we head back down to the lower section.  This is a very large grassy area which works great for us.

Viva stops to smell the air and look around

We head down to the water and it was a muddy mess

Viva has no worries about the mud!

We move past the swimming hole

A park guide etched into a large rock

We find this nice little section to explore

Lots of rocks to navigate and of course tons to smell

There are a number of fallen trees to climb over.  Viva says "no problem"

"What's next foster mom?"

Stay tuned to see the fun we have in this little area!

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