Monday, September 21, 2015

Viva visits the Beacon Food Forest Project

We've been having a great time at Jefferson Park. Here are some of our earlier adventures:
On this trip we skirted the park as I wanted to go check out the Beacon Food Forest Project The Beacon Food Forest started in 2009 as a final design project for a permaculture design course. The 7-acre site is located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood to the west of Jefferson Park, 2.5 miles from downtown Seattle. Phase One (2 acres) was up and running by early 2014.

Before we make it to the Food Forest, Viva has a good time running around on the 50 foot long line.

This backside of the park is great since there was no one around and still excellent sight lines.

Viva scanning for critters or birds.  On a different trip, there was a flock of pigeons sitting in the grass and Viva went critter crazy chasing them away!

If you follow the path up the hill it will take you to the very large, flat part of Jefferson Park.


Lots to smell!

Bird watcher!

This is road that is used for City Light so, it's hardly used.  The road cuts through the food forest and it's excellent for working with Viva!

Here we are practicing "look"

We stroll upon part of the food forest.

Looking back from where we just came from.  You can see downtown Seattle in the distance.

The main entrance to the Food Forest

Viva says "Cool wall!"

The Beacon Food Forest Harvest Map

"Hurry up and take my picture so I can go explore!"

Lots of interesting things to investigate

Pretty plants in the garden

"This box is a excellent place to watch the environment"

Past the workshed to check out more stuff!

We found this cool little wood sculpture

It's a dragon fly!

We had a good time exploring this area 

Lot of watching what is going on in the environment

I say "lets go" and here she comes and she's reinforced with a yummy food reward!

She had to check out the rocks, log and big piece of cut wood!

Time to head to head back to the car so foster mom can get to work!

What a great spot and we will certainly be back!

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