Sunday, September 27, 2015

Viva & D'light's walking adventure - Part 1

Just because Viva is reactive on leash, this doesn't mean she gets cooped up in the house.  Viva is a fearful gal who has a range of reactions to things in the environment when she's on leash. Viva and I are continuing our training plan using Desensitization and Counterconditioning (DS/CC) and that's moving along.   While we do that work, we are frequently looking for locations that are low on dog sighting - so more environmental management.  Brett and I have always done a lot of walking with all our dogs so, we have a good idea of what locations would likely be successful for Viva.

On this adventure we take D'light and Viva.  Since there are two humans, we can bring two dogs. We do have a plan that if a dog is sighted  then each of us are in charge of the dog we are walking with - knowing that we will likely split apart to manage what is going on.  

D'light is with Brett, I have Viva and off we go!

We start our walk on First Hill in Seattle - lots of hospitals and very few dogs.  Both dogs wondering why we have to stop at the stoplight!

We head on down to Yesler Terrace which is undergoing a huge Redevelopment & there was lots to see!

As we were walking it started to rain which turned into a downpour!  We found and covered area to wait under until the shower passed on by.

Viva didn't mind the rain and wanted to go check something out.

Viva was fascinated by this vent. She's a very curious girl!

Rain has passed and time to move on. 
D'light found this fire water outlet very interesting!

We reach our destination of Seattle University!
D'light loves this place as there's often critters for him to chase.

Lots to take in. 
This was on a Saturday right after that rain storm so the campus was empty.

We head over to the Chapel of St. Ignatius

Viva was fascinated by the reflective pool

She had fun walking along the lip of the pool

We found some rocks to climb on

Viva wanting to see what D'light is up to

"What do you see D'light?!"

Watch out critters!!

Seattle University has a number of new signs on campus...


There was a big wind storm and clearly the tree to the right was impacted by that storm!
D'light says "Who cares about the tree or the danger tape when there might be critters here".

Viva says "Lets get after them D'light!"

Watching and waiting...

On the hunt!

Time to move check out the rest of the campus


  1. Looks like a fantastic walk! Hopefully Catty enjoyed her alone time...

    1. It was a nice walk for all of us! Catty had her morning walk and was happy to curl up under a blanket and sleep while we were gone.