Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Viva helping out foster mom

We have a lot of ripe tomatoes so, time to pick them and make tomato jam! 

Viva is a happy helper through out the process.
Time to pick the tomatoes and Viva says "There's some down here".

"Oh I picked a green one!"

"Foster mom stay away from the green tomatoes"

Viva finds more...

"Oh there's some ripe ones down here"

"Look at all the red ones!"


"Oh more green tomatoes - no thank you!"

"What do you have?"

"Look at all the red ones!"

"I have to have one!"


"Oh look at all the red tomatoes up high!"

Once we had all the tomatoes picked, it was time to get to cooking.  I brought a bed in the kitchen and Viva was happy to relax while I was busy.

Just kicking back and what a good girl.

Once the pot was on the stove I had time to write this post. Viva joined me in the dinning room and relaxed on her bed.

Beautiful Viva!

While Viva gets a lot of exercises and has lots of outside adventures, she is not a high energy Terrier.  I get her out a lot because I think it's important for her and I believe this to be true for all dogs.  As you can see, Viva is happy to just kick back and relax around her people.  I personally love Terrier's at her age.  Viva is 4-5 years old so, past the crazy adolescent phase of life.


  1. Beautiful Viva, indeed! So glad to see she is able to relax. And it looks like she's really coming along with her training...hope the tomato jam turns out!

    1. Viva is settling in and doing very well around training! I have a number of training post coming up :). The tomato jam was excellent!