Monday, September 28, 2015

Viva & D'light's walking adventure - Part 2

D'light was more than thrilled to show Viva the campus of Seattle University!  It's a beautiful campus so if you are ever in the area check it out.

Viva was a bit concerned about the solar panels but, after watching them a bit she moved on without any problem. 

Viva on the trail of a critter - D'light was far ahead of her and already had the critter up in a tree.

We find another Scoop that Poop sign - these are great signs!

Time to check out Centennial Fountain

Viva wondering what on earth this thing is!

Not so sure about the water

She's up on the rock sniffing up a storm!

While there are not a lot of people or dog here, there's still a lot happening in the environment.  Lots to take in when you consider all the smells along with all the sculptures, rocks, trees, plants and of course critters.

Off we go and onto another section of the campus! We found this lovey little area tucked back in the corner of campus.

Lots to see!

Neat little art installation along the path

The administrative hall in the background

Lots to smell

Mason Bee hive

"More to investigate so lets go!"

Apple tree with pantyhose around the apples.  I had to go look up online what this was about and found  Cross dressing fruit & frustrated apple maggots

Viva doing lots of sniffing while Brett and I talk about the apples!

D'light is not pleased that we are spending so much time in this area! 

He says "there are critters to chase!"

Off we go...

Critter spotting!

While a squirrels can fit the the bars these two rats can't!

Another Scoop that Poop sign

Time to start heading back to the car.  D'light get's his picture snapped with Chief Seattle.

On our to the car and this was  a good adventure for these two!

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