Thursday, September 17, 2015

Viva explores the shoreline at Seward Park

Seward Park has lots of little rock beaches which are a great spot for us to explore!

All these rocks were a challenge to walk on and Viva says "No problem!"

Going over logs and back on the rocks is just fine for Viva. 
Nice to be able to mix up the different walking surfaces and navigating the rocks and logs requires her using her brain which is a double bonus.

Viva stops to watch the birds.  And as I keep saying, Viva can watch things as long as she wants as long as she isn't growling, barking or lunging.  If those behaviors start then she's going over threshold and we need to move away from the trigger or leave the area. 

Over the fallen tree we go!

"Hey foster mom, check out this fallen tree!"

Viva thinking about what she wants to do next...

I head out on the fallentree and she follows me

"Foster mom, not so sure this was smart.  How are we going to turn around with such a narrow tree?"

I was sorting out my next move...

Good news for me as Viva was able to turn around so we could walk off

I thought she was going to jump to the other fallen tree.  She thought better of that!

Watching the environment

Once off the fallen tree she checks out the water line

We find more fallen trees and I use my brain and stay on the shoreline

Viva watching the birds and whatever else in the lily pads

Time to check other stuff

Viva back to walking the shoreline and I decide to crouch down as I'm going to see if she wants to play a game.

Viva says "What are you doing and look at those treats!"

 We play the game "find it"

Viva hears a dog barking off in the distance. 
Barking dogs create an uncomfortable emotional response for Viva.  I wait and watch what she will do next.

Viva is able to go back to the game of "find it". Excellent and good girl Viva.  That was a good choice.

Playing "find it" in the rocks is not easy but, Viva keeps at it!

On every adventure/walk we play this game and it's going well!

"What's next?"

We have one more area to cover before heading back to the car so stay tuned!  You will see why Viva can't go to a home with cats or other small moving animals.


  1. What a brave and spunky girl Viva is...and I'm impressed by your leash-handling skills, Foster mom - 50 feet is a lot of leash! We'll have to try that with our Stanley to help him build his confidence.

    1. 50 feet is a lot of leash for sure! I had to build up to that length. I started with 25 feet and that was tough to handle at first. You do get use to it and your leash handling skills get really good with so much length. I love the long line and use it on lots of outings like this. Let me know if you have more questions about the long line.