Saturday, September 26, 2015

Visiting Brander Garden

It's dark when Viva and I head out for our morning walk. This makes taking pictures a real challenge!

I really enjoy walking so early.  It's quiet so low environmental stress for Viva.  And it gives Viva and I time to practice her skills while strengthening our training relationship.  It also tires Viva out which is good since she has a long time alone while we are at work.

The only thing I don't like about walking so early is that we see raccoons.  I hate raccoons.  I've been chased by them before and they are nasty and will mess up a dog if they feel threatened.  The times we've seen them Viva has freaked out wanting to chase them - she thinks they are a cat.  Oh sweet girl, they are nothing like a cat.  So, the good thing about Viva's prey drive is that she often smells before she sees what she wants to chase.  So when she starts amping up, we walk in the middle of the street and I'm on full alert of what she smells.  

Off we go and you can see the I-90 bridge in the background.

We find a bunch of pottery items in someone's front yard. 
Viva wasn't so sure of those odd things.

We head over to a Bradner Garden Park which is not far from our house.
            Bradner Gardens Park is a unique collaborative partnership between City of Seattle Parks Department, Seattle Tilth, Washington Native Plant Society, King County Master Gardeners, P-Patch and neighborhood residents. All of the park's demonstrations are maintained by volunteers and are 100% organic. 

Here's more about Bradner Garden Park

"I'm ready to go check this out!"

Lovely place for sure!

She wants to go into the plants as she's thinking there's something in there. 
Good girl Viva for sitting and waiting.

"I'm just looking foster mom!"

We move through the gardens. 
I love all the variety of plants.

Viva did not like this piece of art.  

Viva was glad to move away from the scarecrow thing & watched to make sure it wasn't following us. 

My guess is that wherever Viva was before her shelter stint, she never got out.  She presents as a dog who was not socialized to things in the environment.

Pretty flowers!

Beautiful rainbow chard!

"Why so many pictures?!"

As we head home we passed by this beautiful plant!

A good little adventure!

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