Thursday, October 1, 2015

D'light loving the crisp fall days!

With these lovely fall days we want D'light to get in as much crittering as possible!    As I've said many times, we critter with D'light to build confidence, increase independence & problem solving and  normalize the environment around him.  This isn't something I would do with all dogs but, for D'light  the benefits of critter are impressive.  He's a totally different dog when crittering and we see lasting positive emotional responses from his adventures.

This time D'light was no doubt excited since dad joined us.  Brett will run longer and faster with D'light which D'light thinks is awesome!

We had a great walk over to Volunteer Park and as soon as we pulled out the long line we had ourselves an overexcited bouncing rattie.

You can hear lots of noise in the background of the videos.  When we arrived to the park the Decibel Festival was in full swing so the background music is from the festival.  All that music and the people didn't phase D'light as he had critter brain.  So, after walking around the festival is was time for D'light to do his thing.

A lovely fall day and lots of neat trees in this part of the park

Hunting face is on!

Get it!

Critter alert!

Cool picture and I have no idea how this happens

In this video you can see the squirrel jump on the right side of the tree

There are a lot of chestnut trees with lots of nuts on them.  This means lots of squirrels above!

Good looking critter boy

Hilarious picture of D'light. He's so excited about critter!

Off they go

Lots and lots of trees and open spaces

His face is adorable when he comes out of the bushes.  He loves to critter!
More hunting - he would stay out here all day if he could. 


The squirrels were less than impressed with D'light.  
This guy ran up the tree with nut in mouth.

We tell D'light it's time to go and he lets us know what he thinks of that plan.

We leave Volunteer Park and walk through Cal Anderson Park.

Up onto the water feature he goes.

Trying to figure out if he wants to get in the water

We walk down to where the water isn't moving so fast

I get my feet wet by getting in with D'light 

Kinda refreshing after all that running around after critters

Curious about this thing underwater

Watching what's going on in the environment

Nothing like getting your feet a little wet!

He hops up on the lip of the second pool

"Mom, this water isn't real fresh looking"

No go with venturing into this pond!

D'light had himself an amazing time and we had fun spending this time with him!


  1. Some of those photos are hilarious! Thanks for sharing. Maybe someday D'light will catch a critter...

    1. I don't think he'd know what to do with himself if he caught a critter! He's certainly a silly boy.