Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last days of the warm sun

While we still have rain free days, the days of laying out on the deck are over.

 D'light says "I could have told you that a week ago!"

D'light says "Too cold to lay outside".

D'light's electric blanket has been brought out and turned on.

 Getting nice and warm

"Mom, why are you bugging me?"

"I'm just going to ignore you.."

Out like a light

 Viva and Catty working to get the last bit of sunning in.

 "Just resting my eye"

A nice photo of the girls.  I actually asked Viva to come inside after a couple of minutes.  Why?  This is a big deal that they are laying so close to each other and I want to continue to set everyone up for success.  So, by having a good experience and ending with a positive experience is a good choice.

Viva and I went into hallway and played with her toys - a good exchange of behavior with good outcomes for everyone!

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