Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Viva says "So much to smell and see!"

After the fun of Genesee Park (here's that post Viva says "Genesee Park is a blast!" ) we head across the street to Stan Sayres Park.
Viva quickly comes to attention when seeing a lot of Canadian Geese.  I opt for us to head the other direction.

This park is home to Mout Baker Rowing and Sailing Center.  For humans, there's lots to do here.  We've taken sailing and rowing lessons in the past.
Lots to smell since the geese and ducks hang out over by this pier.


We head out on a pier and Viva spies a duck
There are about 8 piers at this park and Viva wanted to go out on each one!

"What's down there?"

Time to go check out another pier

Stunning Viva!

No resting - lets go!

We check out the rock wall (you can see it above)

Seagulls have left small shells which Viva thinks are worth smelling!

Time to move to the other side of the park - more piers
She's happy to head to the end of the pier
Mercer Island in the background

Watching the seagulls

Still lots to smell
No idea what this is about but, it's a silly picture!

Viva having a rat-tastic time

She decides to sit and enjoy the view
Time to move - she likes to look over the piers

And now it's really time to motor as she has her eyes on something

"I see you and I want to chase you!"
And I want to move on as there's bird poop all over and I don't want to be messing around with seagulls.

But then what do we run into...
Dang geese! You can see Viva wants to get them.

Luckily this rock with fresh dog pee is more interesting!

She watches and since she doesn't bark, growl or lunge at them - we wait while she watches them.

She was fascinated by the geese and they were not worried about Viva.

We move on..

"I'd still like to go back and watch the geese!"

"This was a wonderful adventure!"


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