Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What are we putting in Viva's tool box? Part 2

We have moved onto practicing Viva's new skills out on our deck.  Here's the post to What are we putting in Viva's tool box? Part 1 where we start our training in the house. 

Below are three important skills that we are going to be using a lot when we are outside on walks. 

Find it

Viva thinks this is the best game ever!


This worked out well as there were a couple of distractors in play - Catty barking and a bird flying by.  You will hear that I'm no longer using a marker with "look".  Viva and I practice this skill so much that she knows the verbal cue.  So we are now working on proofing - here's an great article talking about generalizing and proofing

Lets Go
Viva enjoys this game which is perfect!


Viva is doing super with these three skills and soon enough we will be practicing them when we are out walking. 

One of the many things I love about positive training is that you can see how much the dog enjoys learning - just look at Viva in all of these videos.  She's happy, engaged and excited about learning.  This is also true for the human - I have a lot of fun working with Viva.  And because of the connection that positive training builds, our relationship continues to strengthen.

And someone was not very happy about being stuck in the house while Viva and I work...

"Let me out so we can work together!"

 We are also continuing to practice "go to mat" in the house for a number of different things but, that is for another post!

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