Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dog days of summer coming to an end

We've had a crazy summer full of many sunny days and the dogs have really enjoyed the weather.   With fall well on it's way that's going to bring much needed rain so, the sunny blog posts are soon to be a thing of the past.

While D'light and Catty are older, if they don't get out in the environment they start to behaviorally let us know they are bored...  remember terriers are a working breed and regardless of their age they need things to keep their minds and bodies active.

We head out with Catty and D'light to check out a location where I'm hoping to bring Viva.  Because Viva is so reactive on leash we don't walk all three dogs together even with having two humans. 

We head out onto one of the many piers on Lake Washington

Since there's only one way in and out off came the leashes

Lots to smell on this pier!

The water is pretty shallow so you can see the underwater plants and small fish - Catty was fascinated by what was going on in the water!

D'light has spotted trees in the distance so you know he's hoping we can venture over to see if anything is worth chasing after.

Catty asks "D'light, did you find something good to eat?

D'light is not one to eat stuff but, he does enjoy using his nose!

"Why so many pictures mom?"

"What did you find Catty?"

dual sniffing!


This is a great place!

Photo bomb!

Goofy dogs!

"Can we go see if there's anything to chase after?"

Time to head out and this pier is going to be a great place to bring Viva.

We head over to the park and D'light is up on the table scouting for critters.  Catty followed along hoping for a treat.

No critters on this walk...

Time to head home

One more look...

Lets get moving!

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