Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nose Work Camp - Part 2

Another beautiful morning before heading off to camp! Catty says "Do you mind?"

D'light not to happy about the cold mornings and a sweater was required!

The following searches were over the course of the whole camp.

Another container search  with the arrows pointing at the source of odor.  

Onto another vehicle search!

Catty found this open cabin on our walk to the next session. This was not in our search area but, she had to make didn't miss any odor hides - such a silly girl!

Another container search!

We moved onto an exterior search.  

D'light was on break.  But, Catty was ready to go - as the week went on she was getting more into the searches which was fun to watch. Camp was a big confidence booster for all of us!

On the move...

Ready for her turn!

And you can see by the arrow - the odor was hidden under the deck. Catty found it quickly by jumping up on the deck then sticking her snout over and as far under the deck as she could.  When that didn't work she jumped off the deck and bee lined to the source of the odor!

And another hide - this one behind a rock and under pine cones!

Catty quickly worked this hide as well!

Catty did great in her crate - waiting for her turn.

And onto the next working session....

Here was our run order!

It's an interior search in three different cabins!

D'light and I waiting our turn

D'light did great in the cabins - he gets nervous in smaller areas but, he rocked the cabins!

We entered through the front door and you can see where the odor is located - thanks to the arrow.

Catty ready for the next session!

Another exterior search and you can see where the hide is based on the arrow

And another hide under the pine cones

And a third hide

The camp photographer was working our session - lucky us to get these pictures!

On the hunt for odor...

She's following the odor up the channels in the rock wall

"I found it mom, why are you so slow in your food delivery?!"

Way to go Catty!

At the end of camp awards are given out. These awards are given by faculty vote after having watched the teams work each day. These are not awards for "fastest dog" but more for the teamwork aspect between dog and handler.  One award was for a rescue dog who makes big strides in Nose Work. That award was one by a California handler who adopted one of Michael Vick's dogs. 

There was another award - "Inspiration Award" and D'light and I won that award! It was very touching and this is why I love Nose Work and what it promotes.  They emphasis over and over for you to advocate and protect the dog you are working with and I love that!

The Inspiration award honors the team that moves the instructors by overcoming physical challenges, emotional challenges, demonstrating growth and a positive attitude that embodies the culture of K9 Nose Work.


So as you can see we had just a rat-tastic camp!
Here's more links talking about Nose Work:
If you are at all curious about Nose Work - you can always volunteer at a trial, go watch a trial or contact a Nose Work instructor to watch a class.  The trials are fun and the locations vary.  The trial Catty and I participated in was at Emerald Downs race track and the trials I've volunteered at have been at different types of schools (elementary, high schools, Vo-Tech school). All are fascinating to watch and you may just get bit by the Nose Work bug - clearly that's happened to me!

And what does Catty look like after a day of camp?

Given both D'light and Catty have environmental  sensitives they did wonderful.  Just goes to show that if you manage the environment and pay attention to how your dog is doing, great things can happen!

I can't wait for the next Oregon camp and I have no doubt we'll be back ready to learn even more!

Stay tuned to see what fun Catty and D'light had while we stayed an extra day at our in-laws.

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