Monday, April 25, 2016

Exploring the Mercer Slough - Part 2

In case you missed it, here's Part 1 of Exploring the Mercer Slough
We moved on in the rain and D'light found a slug - he likes to roll in slug!

We cross the bridge that goes over the slough and lots of interesting smells to capture D'light's attention.

"This rain is no fun!"

D'light isn't fond of the rain but, he will work through it if we are doing something fun. Outdoor adventures like this are well worth the rain for D'light.

We head back under I-90  which is really, really loud.  We are walking towards our next destination...

We arrive at Enatai Beach Park!

The rain has stopped!

We are the only ones at the park!


D'light with that paw raised lets us now he's not 100% sure about the waterfront.

We take our time and pretty quickly he's relaxed and back to having a good time.

Watching the birds

You can rent kayaks and canoes in the summer.

This park is directly under I-90 which is a bit loud with the traffic on I-90. But, that's not much of a worry for D'light since we've done so much environmental work with him.

We walk the shoreline
"Can I have a treat please?"

Lots to investigate!

We head out to the end of the dock

Up he goes

"I'm still so wet from the rain!"

Shake off that rain!

"Much better!"

D'light heads over to dad

"Can I have a treat please?"

Time to go

"This was fun!"

Thinking about chasing that crow!

Off we go back the way we came.


Back at the slough trail

Critter hunting

Into the car we go - nice adventure even with the rain!

We decide not to walk Viva to Enatai Beach Park and instead drive.  Stay tuned to see what she thinks of the park.

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