Saturday, April 16, 2016

Even more cherry blossoms!

 We arrive at Seward Park and there are a lot of bright pink cherry blossom in bloom.

Viva getting her sniff on along the shore.

As she was sniffing there was a lot of bird chatter and turns out a cluster of crows was not happy with a juvenile bald eagle.  

Off goes the eagle

All those cherry blossoms in bloom!

The blossoms are just beautiful

Pretty Viva!

Having a great morning walk

"Look at all the flowers!"

Viva spies something of interest

A Canadian goose who is not interested in Viva

Viva loves sniffing along the shoreline - you can see the pink cherry blossoms in the background.

I spot a heron off in the distance

Time to work on Viva's behavior modification plan when seeing dogs out in the area.

This is going well when we see just a few dogs.  

Time to move on

A gorgeous rhododendron

We are making our way through the park

Mt Rainier in the background

Wishing for a critter spoting!

Time to head back to the car

Here's my amazing morning views as we drive along Lake Washington to and from Seward Park thanks to more cherry blossoms in bloom. There are so many blooms along the 4 mile stretch - here are just a few of the trees.

You can see the pink trees across the water

I wasn't the only one taking pictures of the cherry blossoms!

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