Friday, April 1, 2016

The sun is coming!

Viva says "Is that really the sun coming out?"

"Foster mom do you see the sun!?"

Viva is a smart girl and she found the first spot where the sun was streaming in.  D'light followed Viva and he was pleased about the sun.

The sun has moved and the girls have moved too!

A nice relaxing time of sunbathing

Gotta rest the eyes!

Nap time

Catty got hot and left so in moves D'light

He makes sure to get as much of the sun as possible

Viva is dead asleep and D'light having a nice time grooming himself in the sun

Time for R&R

Sweet ratties

Viva loves the sun!

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  1. Soak up that sun, sweet ratties, and enjoy your weekend!