Monday, April 11, 2016

Road Trip - Part 1 Visiting Borst Park

Everyone knew something was up.  I tell them we are going on a road trip to at least one park that has lots of squirrels. 

Catty says "That is not my idea of fun" and off she went to take nap on the couch.

I tell D'light that I'm not sure he will wants to go.  Here's his response!

My mom lives about 5 hours south of us and she wanted to meet up at a park that is roughly half way between the two of us.  

So off we went to Borst Park

D"light's mind is blow with all the trees.  Trees equal squirrels!

Within seconds he was off after a squirrel

On patrol and good thing because as he soon finds out, there are A LOT of squirrels at this park.

Off he goes!

With all his crittering he wasn't interested in saying hi to my mom or her dog Lacey.  Sweet Lacey was our first foster dog and she's a really wonderful little gal.

The boy has a one track mind

Lacey isn't big into crittering, she prefers to take in all the smells.

D'light finally decides he should check in with Lacey.  Poor Girl probably didn't appreciate D'light's timing as she needed to use the bathroom.

D'light back to critter alert and Lacey is glad to go to the bathroom in peace.

By this time, D'light has gone after at least a dozen squirrels. The boy is in critter heaven here.

We get a move on 

Heading over to the Borst  House which is now a museum. D'light and I were in this area back in August 2015 - here's that post Visiting Borst Park

We wander around the house

"I need to find more squirrels"

This is his critter face and stance - we see a lot of this!

We want to look at the spring flowers and no surprise D'light has other things on his mind.

A beautiful bleeding heart

There wasn't much in bloom but come summer this place will be full of colorful flowers

We did find some trees in bloom

More squirrels!

We pass by the  1844 Oregon Trail marker

Back to the water and who know what was so interesting to D'light!

The tree has a rope attached and I'm guessing this is a very popular spot in the warm summer months.

Back on the move

"Wait for us!"

It was a nice walk for all four of us

Critter crazy D'light having such a fun time

Sweet Lacey isn't fond of the camera but she really wanted some loving from me. 
She's such a nice gal. You can see D'light on the background off on the hunt.

We have to get going and D'light is not interested in leaving

One more scan and time to go!

Oh and here's the Borst Block House constructed in 1855-56.
Stay tuned to see Viva's fun adventures.