Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Exploring the trails at Saltwater State Park

After having a nice time with Viva it was time to hit the trails at Salt Water State Park with D'light. 
Up, up, up we go...


D'light is in his element and he's very excited to be on in the "woods".

A cool tree that has been in this position for a while.

View of the tree from the other side.

I was very excited to see trillium in bloom

Off we go and you can see by D'light's ears & body language he's on critter patrol!

The trail cuts under the bridge

We are on the lookout for critters, flowers and fungi!

This was cool - a tree growing over an old tree stump

This tree grew the same way but the old tree stump is now long gone

A field of ferns

Lots to smell

"Oh critters where are you?"

Silly boy and we didn't see a single critter. But, that doesn't stop D'light from be "ready".

There were a number of bridges to cross on the trail

A woodpecker has been busy

We pretty much have the place to ourselves. 
I'm guessing when it's nice out this park is hoping busy.

D'light was really into this bridge. 
He was doing a lot of detailing and bracketing.  Clearly some kind of critter was here fairly recently.

Time to get moving

We find even more trillium

"Look here!"

A cluster of moss and other living things on this post

There were lots ferns growing up to the trees

A huge cluster of trillium

We found some pink trillium! 

"Come on!"

The boys get a move on while I take some more pictures of the trillium

We find some big trees

With fungi growing up way up!

This tree had to be over 70 ft tall and I couldn't the whole tree in a picture

Here's what was growing at the base of the same tree

"Come see what dad found"

More fungi growing up trees

Time to get a move on

Here's more of what we spotted on our walk

We cross a stream

And find these great bright yellow plants

We make our way back up the hillside

We've done half of the trail loop - we started on the other side of the bridge.

Up we go to check out the next section of our adventure.


  1. Oh I can't wait to check out Saltwater State park! Can't beleive I forgot about this jewel. You should check out Seahurst park sometime too! If it's on a week end let me know and we hopefully could join you!

    1. I will have to look up Seahurst Park as I've not heard of it.