Saturday, April 9, 2016

Climbing & exploring while building confidence!

After a nice stroll along the shoreline we begin to make our way over to the northwest side of the park. You can see McSorley Creek as it merges into Poverty Bay.

"Any critters here?!"

D'light have a good time checking out the rock pile

We head to the driftwood area

Lots and lots to see and smell

Lots and lots of colorful crushed shells 

More interesting shells 

"Enough pictures of shells - take my picture!"

Time to get a move on

Navigating the logs was a good confidence/problem solving work for D'light and we just took our time.

As D'light and Brett were working the log pile, I found some cool logs!

We make it to the northwest side of the park!

There is a large rock wall and D'light says "so many rocks to climb on!"

"More rocks down this way"

A lovely view and a great park to explore

Off he goes to explore 

We take our time on our walk back, letting D'light explore to his heart's content.

"I love this lace lets come back soon!"

D'light gives Saltwater Park 4 paws up!

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