Sunday, April 24, 2016

Exploring the Mercer Slough - Part 1

Time to check out a new park! We made the short drive over to the Mercer Slough Nature Park

I've had this on my todo list and given the on and off raining day this was a perfect time to go check it out.

D'light says "Which way do we go?!"

We head out and you can see the field of blueberry bushes in the background.

Scanning for critters

Interesting facts about the area!

More blueberry fields and downtown Bellevue is off in the distance.

We make our way down the Heritage Trail and D'light says "Oh that looks fun!"

Up he goes and onto the raised trail

Lots to investigate

It's a pretty walking trail

Which way to go...

We find a small dock where you can tie up your canoe or kayak. 
A pretty foot bridge over the slough.

We went out on the dock while D'light was investigating.

"Where did you go?"

A nice view and we certainly are going to check this out in our kayaks come summer.

"It's starting to rain!"

Time to move on

A strange fungi growing all around this branch.

View of downtown Bellevue

A view of where we came from and all those blueberry bushes.

D'light isn't a fan of the rain but, he marches on.

It's really swampy and thank goodness for the raised walking trail.

We find more fungi growing

They were fuzzy!

Always on critter patrol

A very peaceful walk.  We saw 4 people on this outing that was roughly 3 hours long.

"Look at this!"

Huge skunk cabbage

Fun times rooting around the base of this tree

We find lots of  horsetail and I love the color and shape!


The boys get well ahead while I'm taking way too many pictures of it!

I find more fungi and it's growing around the sticker plant.

Then we got caught in a downpour of rain!  
After about 5 minutes of walking, we were able to take cover under I-90.

D'light shaking off the water!

"Ok lets get going again!"

"What is that smell?"

Stinky stagnant water

We get a move in the drizzly rain

Amazing black fungi

lots of life growing along the railing

"What's with this rain!"

"Look up here"

Lots and lots of little colonies growing on the long fence line

Stay tuned to see the next section of our adventure

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