Thursday, April 14, 2016

Exploring Millersylvania State Park

After a nice visit with my mom and some fun adventures it was time to head home.  Here the series post of our time in Centralia:
There was a long back up heading North so I decided to stop off at Millersylvania State Park. No sense in sitting in traffic when we can explore a park!

D'light says "Look at all the trees! There must be critters here"

The park was pretty busy and after checking out the map of the park I decided I needed to walk D'light around to see if this would work to bring Viva out.  With Viva, I'm looking for pretty good sight lines and not a lot of dog around.  After walking around I decided not to bring Viva for this adventure. 

There are lots and lots of  old growth trees! 

D'light takes in the view of Deep Lake which is located in Millersylvania State Park.

Per the state park website - Millersylvania was constructed almost entirely by hand in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Group.  

There are a lot of campsites at this park and there were a decent amount of campers on this day!  We walked around until we found a quiet and unoccupied spot.

Big trees!

We get a move on


I find a cute fungi

Time to go explore the lake shore

Deep Lake

D'light had a nice time investigating all the smells  along the shoreline

"Where are the critters?"

We didn't see any critters but, given all his snuffling around, there were clearing things work sniffing.

An interesting little fungi that reminded me of cauliflower

I want to check out the dock on the lake so off we go

We arrive...

And D'light puts on the breaks.

He's not so sure about the dock material so I stand still and we wait while he takes this in.

I gave him some treats and told him I'd be back in a minute as I wanted to walk to the end of the dock.

As I was walking back to D'light he decides it's safe enough to come to me.

He moves slowly and I am telling him what a sweet boy he is!

We make it to each other and he gets a treat!

And then he just keeps on moving taking in the environment.

There was lots and lots of lots of sniffing going on through the grating of the dock.

The lake is so big that I couldn't capture it in a single photo.

Watching the birds

Time to play some games of "find it".  I do this a lot with both Viva and D'light.  It gives them something fun to do and builds confidence in the environment.

I start by tossing some treats around and giving the cue of "find it".  

Next I place some on one of the benches and up he goes to "find it".

Having fun!


"I found them all!  Can we play again?"

Time for the next round.  I've placed them on the wood railing of the dock.

As he motors down I don't even have to give the "find it cue".

"Found it!"

This was a jackpot turn as I placed a number of treats in close proximity so he just had to move his snout down a couple of inches to find the line of treats.

Sniffing and moving to find more treats.

Time to move on 

A quick last look of the lake before we go.

I move on to take a few more pictures.

Silly D'light heads back out to the pier to make sure he's found all the treats.

"I'm coming!"

Sweet, sweet D'light

D'light and I had a lovely time at this park and glad we were able to find some quiet spots!

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