Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Viva visits Saltwater State Park

There are a number of state parks within a couple of hours of where we live. We've decided to visit a number of them in the coming month.  Wanting to visit before summer arrives since they are going to be pretty busy with warmer weather.  Our first state park adventure is Saltwater Park and it doesn't disappoint!

We are bringing Viva along and given how dog reactive she is, timing is everything.  We arrive early in the morning since most folks are not up for early weekend outings.  Good timing and we head check out the beach before we bring Viva out.

It's a pretty beach front with lots of drift wood and the tide was out.

We go back to the car and here comes Viva!

She doesn't miss a beat and she's ready to explore the area.

There's a lot to smell and see.

Lots of new textures on her feet as well.  Those include sand, shells and the driftwood.

She had so much fun climbing all over the driftwood.

As we explore the area, people are starting to arrive and Viva is doing really well when seeing people.

More to check out

Up down and all around she goes

She finds some crab shell and found it well worth some sniffs

Watching the environment around her

We head down to the water

Lots of shells and rocks full of barnacles.

We have a nice walk and Viva is doing great

Back to the driftwood!

More people watching

"What a fun place!"

We head over to another section of the park

A lot of large rocks line the shore

Pretty walk with good sightlines

Lovely view!

We head back and Viva wants to walk the driftwood one more time

Silly girl

There's more of this park to see but, Viva is headed back to the car where she can rest.  We've brought D'light and we are going to explore the rest of the park with him so stay tuned!

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