Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Road Trip Part 3 - Viva gets her critter on at Borst Park

Here's part two in this series in case you missed it: Road Trip Part 2 - Viva explores Riverside Park
Before heading back home, I wanted Viva to experience Borst Park.  Knowing how many squirrels are in the area, I knew she would have the time of her life.

We didn't have to go far for Viva to get her critter on.

I had her on the 50ft long line and I had trouble keeping up with her critter crazed self!   I actually love crittering with Viva, she's a hoot and I get a good workout.

Action shot!

Up the squirrels went as Viva is wondering how to get to them.

Time to head over to the Chehalis River

Viva the explorer!

"Awesome log!"

Silly girl taking everything in.

Off we go!


We find a tree that blew over in a recent wind storm


Viva is a girl on a mission when it comes to crittering and this pile of branches isn't going to slow her down.

"I will find you!"

"Oh come on - you're so close!"

"Where did you go?!"

"I'm coming for you"

And then into the pile she went!

My mom was amazed and was laughing as she watched Viva and then me fish Viva out of the wood pile!  I've done this drill with Viva many times and I too get a chuckle from her behavior.

It was time to hit the road and Viva gives a final scan of Borst Park.  She gives this park 4 paws up!

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