Monday, April 18, 2016

Lots of flowers in bloom at Seward Park

With each day, we see more and more signs of spring at Seward Park!

The park staff does an amazing job of tending to the beds and keeping the park trash free.

A nice variety of spring grasses

Lots of color at the entrance of the park

"I really would rather be crittering"

This flower bed will change a lot of the coming months!

Did you know that there is a 12-foot tall lantern in Seward Park? Japan has given a number of cultural gifts to Seward Park and the City of Seattle. The beautiful cherry tree blossoms are easy to find in Seward Park, but the Taiko-Gata lantern is tucked away in the entrance garden. The lantern was a gift to honor support given to the city of Yokohama after the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923. The Taiko-Gata lantern was dedicated in 1931.

There has been a lot of construction at Seward Park for well over a year.  The new water system replacement is just about complete.

On this morning there was a lot of heavy machinery noise going on.  D'light not so sure what all the loud noise is about.

A shake off due to the noise.  
Then D'light moves on and I follow. He had a choice as to move away from the machinery or head near it, by the water.

He heads to the water and what a lovely view we have!

D'light wanting to explore the shoreline of Lake Washington

No clue what was so interesting here. But, it must have been amazing since he's well into the water as you can see by his back right leg.

He spent a good couple minutes trying to get to what he wanted to investigate.

Then he lost his balance and went into the water.  
Here he comes saying "It's ok, I'm ok!"

He decides to keep exploring the shoreline.

On these outings I don't rush him. The fact that he's curious and engaged in the environment is what I'm after so the more I can support and encourage that the better!  This is a lot of environmental enrichment for sweet D'light.

Almost another dip into the lake!

We start heading up to the top section of Seward Park

On the upper loop there are a lot of cherry blossoms in bloom!

D'light had a blast chasing a squirrel up the tree!

Felling very pleased with himself!

Time to go as I have to get home and get to work!

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