Saturday, April 23, 2016

A trip south

D'light, Viva and I hit the road  heading south.  We spent some time at my in-laws and as you can see the dogs were in heaven!

Nothing like a fun romp about on a fully fenced 5+ acres.

We haven't been at my in-laws since January and the dogs need to see what they have missed.

Viva says "I love it here."

Lilacs in full bloom and they were so fragrant.

D'light inspecting the bamboo

We had lovely weather

D'light hot on Viva's feet.  I keep Viva on the 50ft long line because she will go deep into the brush and I need a way to fish her out if need be.

We are in time to see the first poppy bloom.

D'light says "Make sure to stop and smell the flowers"

Beautiful Mt. Hood in the background

Viva on the hunt

Viva says "So much property to explore... so little time."

A beautiful lilac

The two of them just having a ton of fun

Fruit trees blooming and Viva heads to the corner she likes to hunt.

"Wait for me Viva"

D'light gets side tracked

"Did you find anything?"

Queen huntress is working hard!

She hustles...

and here comes D'light

Run, run, run!

She certainly was hot on the trail of something and I'm glad I didn't have to fish her out of the brush.

Lots of fun motoring through the tall grass and dandelions

We start heading up the hill and more fruit trees in bloom

Then just like that she's after a critter

Oh boy did she want what ever was in this brush!

A lovely view of Mt. Hood

One last critter scan before we head in

Viva made me laugh as she did this silly happy jump!

"I love visiting here!"

We take in the view

I find some more pretty spring blooms

Then we heard the frogs by the waterfall. 

We had to go check it out...

After all that fun it was time to kick back and relax.

D'light says "This is a great spot to rest!"

Silly Viva doing her military crawl

As I was reading here was Viva patiently sitting, watching out the screen door.

Then she lays down. 
She's such a good girl - no barking, no whining, no bugging me to go out.  Just patiently watching and waiting.

Time to rest!

After her cat nap she watches out the door some more.

Then she decides it really time to nap. 
Up onto the chair to sleep and dream about hunting!

D'light was having that same dream!

A wonderful time and I always appreciate how welcoming my in-laws are of us and our dogs!

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