Friday, April 8, 2016

D'light explores the shore of Saltwater Park

After some fun exploration on the trails it was time to head to the shore!  
D'light taking it all in.

We slowly walk the shore.  Why are we going slow?  Because we know that this is a lot of environment stimulation for D'light. While he loves to be in the wooded area he's a bit nervous about the shore, the rocks/shells and the water. D'light has made a lot of progress in this type of environment. All those walks along Lake Washington have helped to him feel more at ease.  We've also done a lot of other adventures near bodies of water - never forcing D'light too get close to the water.  If he decides something is too much and wants to leave, we always honor that.  I do believe that because he always has choice, he feels that he can take more risks in the environment.

As D'light and Brett take in the surroundings I find tons of photo opportunities!

Tiny little snails crawling over the shells and rocks

As I'm crouching down to take pictures, D'light come over to see what I'm up to. His face tells us he's not totally comfortable.  

 D'light is interested in what I'm taking pictures of which is a good sign.

 D'light comes over asking for a treat which he ate.  Another good sign since he won't eat if he's stressed out.

That was delicious!

D'light then moved off with Brett to go explore the shoreline.

After a couple of minutes his body relaxes and he chooses to do more investigating of what's on the ground. 

People watching and the shore wasn't very crowded which was great.

Back to investigating

More great finds on the shore

D'light is doing great.  He needed time to find his bearings and to feel emotionally supported by us.

He moves close to the water...

and then goes to Brett for some emotional & physical support.  
Touch can very soothing and supportive for D'light.

Off he goes as Brett waits and watches.

It was hard to decide what to take pictures of since there were so many amazing choices!

D'light watching the birds

It was a big deal for him to make the choice to stay slow close to the water.

More to see and smell

On of my favorite finds!

It was a really lovely day to be at this park

D'light was pretty fascinated with the seaweed

The large cluster of dark green trees is where the interpretive trail is located

D'light is really interested in this cluster 

He gave it some good pawing

And a big sniff!

More great finds

As D'light is exploring we watch the scuba diver getting ready to head into the water.

Back down to the water he goes...

And he went in pretty far!  
There's seaweed floating in the water which peaked his curiosity.

I find more shells

You can see the seaweed floating in the water and D'light wondering what is going on...

Into the water the scuba diver goes

"Where did she go?"

Some of the seaweed that D'light found intriguing.

As I'm taking this picture D'light has found something else interesting.

And it's great that he ventured so far into the water.

This was what all the interest was about

He just got more and more comfortable with the water

Some kind of water plant

He finds a pretty crab shell

And wasn't bothered by stepping on it!

This was such a relaxing time for us - we were out here for a good hour.

This was really neat

D'light agrees!

Watching the birds

A zoom in of the small waterfowl

D'light spies some birds not to far off

A bunch of seagulls

"Oh, they are too far out!"

D'light having a nice time!

Dried seaweed mixed into the rocks

We start to head back as have one more spot to check out.

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