Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Viva explores Enitia Park

We drive over to Enitia Park and man was it raining!
As you can see... Viva could care less about the rain.
She had a blast running on the soggy grass, chasing after Brett.

Down to the play equipment they go.

Snuffing time

We head over the shorefront

The noise of the rain hitting the metal roof did bother Viva.  She came back to me to check in and we moved around the noise.

Viva made a beeline for the edge of the dock to see if there was something worth swimming after.

Off she goes

"Anything down this way?"


Motor on

"Crow to chase!"

She sees something

"Oh what is that?!"

Off she goes to investigate

"Bummer, it was just a stick!"

Moving on and through the sand we go

She doesn't miss a beat and off she goes onto the dock

"Which side to check out first!"

Having lots of fun


As we are heading back I see a guy get out of his truck with a big dog off leash.  This park has good sightlines so I had enough time to get us far enough away so we could do some behavior modification.

We head up the hill (on the opposite side of the park) & the guy & his dog are heading down the hill.
Watching to see what the guy is doing and he's throwing the ball in the water for his dog.  Below, the dog is out in the water chasing the ball.

While Viva couldn't see the dog, she could smell the dog.  We've done a lot of work around not having a huge behavior reaction when smelling a dog in the area.
Knowing the dog is in the area (Viva still cannot see it) I have us play a game of find it.

This game comes in really handy in situations like this. It gets Viva thinking about something else and she gets rewarded when she finds the food. 

We play about 4 rounds of this game and then it's time to go.

And a beautiful reminder and remember to help your dog when they are having a hard time.

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