Friday, April 22, 2016

Hot days!

We've had a number of hot days and Catty says "Too hot!".  I'm with Catty!  While we've had some nice walks, we do make frequent stops where Catty can rest on the cool grass. 


The blooms are doing great with the warm weather.

Here are some of our finds in the last week.   So many beautiful blooms.

My favorite flower find which I think is a peony.

So many amazing flowers in bloom!

And of course we found mushrooms!

Bright vibrant colors!
Not a blooming plant but the colors are so eye catching

A variety of peonies

Mushroom cluster

Last of the tulips

Lots of lavender
More colorful blooms

I love calla lilies

Purple wisteria
White wisteria

Lots of lilacs


Keeping watch of the blooms

A few more pictures I think are so pretty

All of these blooms are well worth the heat!

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