Thursday, April 7, 2016

Exploring the interpretive trail at Saltwater State Park

After exploring a section of the trails at Saltwater Park, we find ourselves at the entrance of the park.

D'light is excited to get his hunt on!

Many of the structures were part of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC )projects back in the mid 1930's. 

Here's a link talking about the CCC Civilian Conservation Corps

The interpretive trail was great!  

They have done a nice job of placing information cards by the plants/trees.  Here's one example: It's English Ivy and then the information card.

More information cards spread along the trail

While we took our time reading and enjoying our surroundings, D'light was busy looking for critters.

We didn't see anyone else and we did some recall work.

Brett recalling D'light

And then more exploring

Some trees were recently cut down

You can see from their stumps why they were cut down.

D'light had a grand time perched on the fallen tree

Time to go!

A lovely walk

The wall that was built by the CC workers still in tact.

"Are you two coming?"

More information cards along the way.  Telling us a whole lot we didn't know!


Great views as we walk the trail

You can see the area where all the driftwood is sitting

D'light standing in front of some large Madrone trees

The bark of the Madrone

We leave the Madrone trees

Our next information card is at the Fireplace built by the CCC

Then more information cards!

We are nearing the end of the interpretive trail

The now restrooms were built by the CCC workers

The last of the information cards

We find this trunk filled with life and lots of tiny red buds

 We start our way back down to the bottom of the park

We find some more fungi

A neat path

D'light isn't worried at all with the wood slats of the pathway

One of the many views of McSorley Creek

On more scan for critters as we are just about done with this section of the park

The park has some great information stations

D'light says "What's next?"

 Stay tuned as we have two more areas of the park to explore!

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