Friday, March 18, 2016

D'light says "Just call me Mr. Peanut!"

We've been working to improve D'light core strength and helping to increase his back leg awareness.  Here's our first session with Lori with the peanut D'light's amazing afternoon!  Thanks to Lori's guidance and our training at home with us, D'light has decided that the fitpaws peanut is a ton of fun!
We had another fun training session with Lori and you will soon see that Lori increases the challenge for D'light.  Not only is this work great for his body but, also for his mind and boosts his confidence.  D'light loves Lori and they have a long training relationship built on trust.  Lori always moves at D'light's pace and always sets him up for success.
D'light says "You want me to do what?!"
Lori says "You can do this sweet D'light"
"Oh Lori I'm not 100% sure"
The goal is for D'light the have 2 feet on each red peanut.  Lori set up the equipment so that D'light could use the green fitbone while they worked towards their goal.
They do this a number of times and with each repetition I can see D'light's confidence building with this set up.  D'light has complete choice in this training if he was to move off and move away Lori would either simplify the exercises or find something else to do.   Remember training is about fun and D'light and I always have fun when we see Lori!


"Oh Lori you were right I can do this!"

Lori says "Yes you can!"

Lori watching his form

"Good boy D'light!"

Look at that stretch!
After doing this a number of time they were onto the next exercise

"Really Lori, you want me to jump across the peanuts?!"

"Yes I can!"

It was a challenge to jump across and then stabilize on the peanut
After he stabilizes off he goes

Time to go the other direction

Everyone having fun!

Here are some videos of Lori and D'lights work.   So much fun!

We take a break for body work and D'light clearly told us he didn't wanted body work as he moved off the table and went and stood down at the peanuts!
So we go with it and time for more peanut work.
D'light says "Three peanuts?!"

Yes sweet D'light is a rock star!


I have so much fun watching these two work together

Moving across all the peanuts is no problem

"Oh fun another piece of equipment"

All of this is no problem for D'light
It's time to go and Lori starts to break down the equipment...
D'light says "I'm not ready to go"

I love this picture, you can see Lori smiling and she was talking to sweet D'light and D'light isn't ready to finish. 
Silly boy who loves his trainer and all this equipment work!

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