Thursday, March 24, 2016

Break time!

 Here is part one of this series in case you missed it Cherry blossom insanity.  After being around so many people (I don't like crowds of people) we headed away from the cherry blossoms.

We are on our way to find a quiet spot to get a drink of water

We find a great quiet spot

A nice public courtyard in new student housing and Catty says "Don't forget to get me a cup for my water!"

We all have some water

After a drink Catty says "Let's look around this cool place"

The courtyard was empty so Catty had free reign to check everything out

Looking good Catty girl

"I like this place!"

Lots to investigate

There were lots of tasty crumbs from people getting snacks at the coffee shop.  Catty never passes up on crumbs... 

"Yes I like crumbs and paper and anything else I think is worth eating!"

We move on to check out the living wall

"I've checked everything out, lets go see what else is going on"

Time to start heading back so back across the University bridge we go.

On our way home we will cut through the arboretum so stay tuned for that adventure.

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