Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cherry blossom insanity

I've really enjoyed seeing so many cherry blossoms on our adventures.  So, with cherry blossoms on my mind we decided to take a long walk with Catty over to the University of Washington. I'd heard on the radio that the trees were in full bloom so off we went!
We make our way over the very crowded Montlake bridge.  Traffic is just horrible in Seattle and this day was no different.  
This bridge moves a lot and Catty just kept on moving

On this day the University of Washington light rail station opened. 
Can you say lots of people!

We follow the foot traffic up and over the new bridge.  Catty stayed close to Brett's feet.  It's got to be hard being such a small dog with so many larger beings around.  Catty did great and she's such a good girl.

We arrive at University of Washington!

All three of us said "What is with so many people?!"

Catty has fun walking the pond wall

 She's thinking about how to capture the ducks

Then we find the first section of cherry blossoms as well as a ton of people.
We give Catty a break and find a wall for her to stand on and watch the environment.

 "Lots of people here!"

Pretty girl who was rewarded throughout our adventure with high value treats for having such great behavior.

Time to move on!

Catty watching the people - lots of kids and strollers too.

Lots of new things to smell

We arrive at the quad which is where the bulk of the cherry blossoms are located.
Holy moly so many people!

The trees are beautiful but again... so many people.

"Do you see how busy this place is!"
Even with all the people it was worth the trip to see the beauty of the cherry blossoms

Catty didn't miss a beat and I was on kid patrol. Catty is adorable and she's small - she's a kid magnet. Catty doesn't like kids so my job was to manage anyone (kids and adults) wanting to "pet the nice dog". 

We did some great people watching

Catty will just stand and watch all the activity in the environment

No clue how many trees are in this area - there are a lot! I did find out that they are at least 80 years old and their lifespan is a century.

More watching as we walked the perimeter of the quad

Pretty, pretty girl!

Here is a cool aerial picture of the quad (obviously not my picture)
We find some other trees in bloom

Time to get moving
We walk along the staircase to get a different perspective

Here's a quick video that gives you a feel for the amount of people
"Where are we off to next?"
Stay tuned for our next stop!

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