Thursday, March 17, 2016

Viva out and about!

D'light and I had a training appointment with Lori Stevens and so we left early so that Viva could explore a new environment.
Our appointment was in the early and afternoon so I figured that the Woodland Park area would be pretty quiet.  I was wrong as there were a lot of dog out.  Dogs on leash and a good amount of dogs off leash so, I had to find somewhere else to go with Viva.  I figured the ball fields at the park would be a good spot as there wouldn't be off leash dogs and most people don't want to walk their dogs around ball fields.  For Viva this works great as we can walk and see people.  Viva is getting less and less reactive when seeing people which is great!
So we get going and check out what we find!  At first I thought they were just dirt piles.
Then as we get closer I see that they are hard and have been made this way.

The hills are for bikes and across from the sports fields. 
These strip has great sightlines.

Viva says "Awesome find foster mom!" as she goes up...
and then down!
She liked watching the trees - she's scanning for critters

Back down she goes

Up she goes. 
These are pretty steep and all of the up and down wore her out.

She was having a blast

"I love this place!"

We watched some skateboarders at the skate park

And we watched some soccer players

And of course Viva is hoping to spot a critter

Such a good girl!

More moving on the hills

 Queen of the hill!
"Lets go see what else we can find"

We start heading down the road

Lots of these bike hills

Crazy critter girl spots a squirrel way off in the distance

"Where did you go?!"

We keep moving past the baseball players

Guess what she smells... the squirrel is long gone

What a fun time!

Stay tuned to see D'light's fun

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