Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sunrise at Seward Park - Part 2

Viva and I arrive to Seward Park before the sun rises!  I want to walk half of the lower loop.  D'light and I have walked this loop a couple of times at this time of morning. There's really no one here at this time of morning.  A few joggers and maybe a person jogging with a dog. I have a good plan spots to get Viva some distance if needed.

Viva  says "Great!!"

We haven't been down in this area much and she is excited.

After some initial snorting around it was time to get moving. 
She does have light on so that people can see us coming.

Sunrise is coming!

 Another beautiful morning!

Viva is have a great time exploring this new area of the park.

We cruise along the loop and passed a couple of joggers which weren't a problem.

Lots and lots to smell on the shoreline!

You can see downtown Seattle off in the distance

We make our way back and we find a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier 

Viva watching all the birds in the water

Here comes the sun...

here comes Viva!

It's amazing how much the environment changes during and through a sunrise

We find forsythia in bloom

I always enjoy the look of this tree line

As we head back to the car, we find a patch of spring flowers

Viva says "Everyone should stop and smell the flowers!"

 Time to go...

We will continue our work on prepping for the next part of the loop.

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