Saturday, March 5, 2016

New fun places to explore! Part 2

Here's Part 1 of this series in case you missed it:  New fun places to explore!
We head across the street and D'light is excited to see a narrow natural area

"Look at all the trees in this area"

We are pretty high up and have nice views of Rainier Valley

And downtown Seattle views

We head down and D'light is taking it all in.

We stroll through Sturgus Park and find some public art

D'light is fascinated by this feature

Lots to smell and good sight lines

"Check out what is at this park"

We find a large and very pretty structure at Daejeon Park

We go check it out!

The interior roof

"That was cool!"

We head back and have a few more places to check out

Checking out the view of downtown Seattle

I decided that we will give it a try to walk on this bridge

It's really high up, its loud and it shakes

Dlight says "It's ok mom!"

Lots of views since this is where I-90 and I-5 meet

"That's a long ways down"

"Oh mom why are you walking so far away from the rail?  Are you a bit worried about how high up we are? I'm not worried!"

Good thing we scout out places - no way am I bringing Viva here. The gap is way to big and I could see her trying to move through that gap to get after a bird.

Nice view of the stadiums

Great view of downtown Seattle. D'light is watching the traffic on I-5

One more place to check out.

On our way to Dr. Jose Rizal Park 


A fantastic view!

Some of the large cranes at the Port of Seattle and Safeco Field

Enjoying the view!

We arrive!

"I'd rather get behind this fence and down into those trees!"

There's more to see at this park but, that will wait for Viva's adventure. So, time to head back and get Viva out and about.

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