Monday, March 21, 2016

Lure season has arrived - Part 2

In case you missed it, here's Part 1 of Lure season has arrived

While we were waiting our turn, I was having fun walking the fence line. D'light didn't want to walk anywhere where he was out of eyesight of the lure!  Check out all the wonderful things I found living on the fence.


It's finally just about time for D'light's turn to chase the lure!  D'light generated quite the fan club at this event.  Many of the dogs in front of us didn't finish the course. Some find chasing a bag not much fun and others got tired and just stop. D'light clearly wanted to finish the course for all of these dogs and he showed everyone that by his barking, whining and dance around when he saw/heard the lure.   Many people were laughing with sweet D'light and appreciated his enthusiasm!   I had a number of people make a comment of "Are you sure he will finish the 600 yard course?".  My reply was "Oh yes he will and if he could do the course over and over he would!"  

Here is is on deck!

We have our game face on...

Off he goes...

Lure coursing is what makes the world go round for D'light and you can see the joy it brings him!  

Sadly the event was over and it was time to head out. Oh sweet D'light, with the weather changing we will have more lure fun soon enough!

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