Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring is in the air - Part 2

Getting to and from Seward Park provides lots of beautiful sights which currently include lots of plants and trees blooming.

 Here's the first part of our morning Spring is in the air

The second part of our morning outing includes saving enough time for D'light and I to stop off at many of the small "park" like areas along the 8 mile stretch of Lake Washington Boulevard

On the stretch we are seeing lots of trees blooming and lots of flowers.  Here's a collage of our outings over the last couple of weeks!

Pretty flowering tree and D'light watching the kayaker

We walk along Lake Washington Boulevard.  This can get really busy with joggers and people walking their dogs.  Another tree in bloom off to the right.

"I love these adventures!"

D'light's curiosity to explore the shorefront is increasing

Silly boy having so much fun

We find more trees in bloom

Love my sweet boy!

D'light having a grand time rolling around next to this beautiful flowering tree

Another park area that has lots in bloom

Pretty helleborus

"Look at these pretty flowers mom!"

Sweet boy finds a great perch next to a cluster of pretty daffodils

We move on and D'light is watching the ducks off in the distance

Lots of color and lots to smell

Sun is coming up and in the background is Seward Park

Watching a cluster of bike riders off in the distance. There are lots of people who ride their bikes along Lake Washington Boulevard.

D'light really enjoys investigating the area!

The Cherry Blossoms are in bloom at Seward Park.  According to this link: Top 5 Places to See Japanese Cherry Blossoms The very first three Cherry Trees were planted in Seward Park in 1929, which were then followed by 3,500 more throughout Seattle in 1930.

And I love the vibrant green of the willow trees!


As spring arrives I'm looking forward to all the other trees and flowers that will be in bloom!

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