Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lure season has arrived - Part 1

We are excited about Spring for many reasons. For D'light  he's really excited because spring means lure coursing is on it's way!

There were some early spring lure events but with the rain we skipped a few of them. However, it was a good weather day for the lure even at Argus Ranch.

These events are not for every dog.  They are loud because of dogs (including D'light) barking and loosing their minds when they hear/see the lure.  These events are not a good place to go if you have a reactive dog since you are in close proximity to other dogs of all sizes.  There is a expectation that dogs who attend these events can manage a lot of environmental stimulation.  The reason that D'light does fine in this environment is because of his emotional response to the lure - hearing it or seeing it.  When the lure is around D'light doesn't care about anything other than the lure.

We arrive and he knows why we are here... 

"Is it true that I'm luring today?!"

This is what D'light does at these events.  He has a one track mind and he's watching the lure machine that isn't even on.

"When do I get to chase it?"

"I want to do it now - make it happen mom"

He really can't take his eyes off the lure for very long.  He doesn't want to miss running.

a great pictures of him as we wait and yes he's still watching the machine

We get closer to the machine - you can see it on the ground between the people.

Oh he can't contain himself as he barks at it.  Clearly hoping his barking will turn it on!

We get even closer and he's a real barker at these events

He's so intense!

They are doing some testing of the lure and D'light says "Let me at it!"

Here he is in action - barking, making other wired noises and doing his lure dance

D'light telling the lure operator "Make sure that lure is working!"

He now sees the line and bags attached to the line

"My turn, I want my turn now!!"

He spends so much energy and has such a great time for himself well before it's even his turn!

"I have my eyes on you lure!"


Stay tuned for part 2

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