Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Viva having an early spring romp!

We had some spring weather so I decided we would go enjoy the Chief Sealth Trail.  However, we got side tracked and boy did that prove to be a great decision!

Chief Sealth Trail is about a 4 mile path that follows the big power lines in part of Seattle.  This path has great sight lines so, a good place for Viva.

But before we get to the trail we find this power station and it has some flowering trees that I wanted to check out.

As we skirt around the property I notice how long the grass is a

We head down to the flowering trees

And Viva stops to take in the view.

This area had a large hill and with the tall grass I thought I'd see what Viva thought of running up and down the hill. Given how much Viva loves to romp around I was guessing she would love this once she figured out what she could do.

She's so funny and she loved it!  

We stayed at this area for a good amount of time and she had a grand time of running up, down and all around in the tall grass.

I love this picture as it looks like she's smiling

"I'm having a fabulous time!"

More running and even with the 50 ft long line I'm also getting in a good workout!

Running down the hill...

Running back up and she looks like a rabbit! 

You can see how high and thick the grass is.

"I love this place!"

Viva also had fun rooting around

I found some pretty blossoms

"Are you coming up foster mom or do I need to come down?"

"I'm coming to you!"

She's standing up in the tall grass at the bottom of the hill

This was a great time to work on recall

We did have rest time to enjoy the sun

And then it was time to do her rabbit hop back up the hill!

A happy and very tired Viva!

Time to get going and my guess is that by next week this will all be mowed down. 

Such a fun, fun time and we were both happy we got sidetracked!

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