Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring is in the air

With so much light in the morning, we are spending lots of mornings at Seward Park.  
Our current morning routine has been to run Viva around at the park.  With arriving so early the place is empty!

We've had a ton of rain and a lot of the park is very swampy!
But there are still lots of things growing and blooming.  Here we have some fungi and forsythia in the background.

 As Viva is hunting I spot this new fungi

See Viva in the background? She was snuffling all over this area - the girl loves to hunt.

 We find a one of the few blooming trees in the area of Seward Park that we spend most of our time.

As we are enjoying the quiet morning we hear what we've been hearing just about every morning for about the last month.

Then we spot them...
Way, way up in the top of the tree a pair of Bald Eagles

I love watching and hearing the Bald Eagle activity at the park.  One morning we counted 13 Bald Eagles soaring in this area.  It was on a super windy day and there was a woman watching them with binoculars.  She let me look an the 13 was a mix of juvenile and adult eagles.

As I watch the eagles, Viva was busy sorting out who was on this stump

"Those birds are loud!"

Off we go to see what else we can find

We find a few more signs of spring


And then it's time to head out
One more sniff and then it really is time to go
Stay tuned to see what happens on the second half of our morning adventures.

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