Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Off to visit Beaver Lodge Sanctuary

We have had some crazy weather recently.  Lots of downpour showers, then a couple hours later beautiful blue skies and then more downpour showers!  

We took a chance on the weather and headed out....

Our destination was Beaver Lodge Sanctuary which is a roughly 5 mile walk from our house.   

We arrive and D'light is hoping there are critters at this place!  Catty says "Lots to smell!"

No critters but there sure is beaver activity!

It's rare that we let our dogs off leash.  However, this area is just about all fenced in with the non fenced in areas being the water and where you enter.  Catty isn't one to take off and D'light would only hustle if he was after a critter. So Brett was on D'light watch and I kept eyes on Catty.

Catty says "Come on D'light you have to see this!"

D'light says "Oh Catty how cool is this place!"

So much to see!
I the background you can see the ongoing construction of the 520 bridge.

Lots to smell

"Wonder what's down there"

"Did you find anything good D'light?"

"Come look over here!"

"Do you see them all?!"

"Should we go get them D'light?!"

You can't see them all in this picture but man were there a lot of ducks here. Viva would have been dock diving had she been along!

"I'm thinking I have my eyes on something else"

Catty was seriously considering going for swim after the ducks...

Glad she thought better of it and decided to see what D'light was up to. 

D'light finds some fantastic things to smell - like Beaver poop.

He really wanted to get close to this floating stick.  
He was pretty worried about stretching out that far.

While D'light is working out how to get a sniff of that floating stick Catty finds a big beaver hole.

They spent a lot of time sniffing this area

"Where did you go D'light?"

 "D'light what are you doing down there?"

D'light says "I got check something out"
Catty is off to see about those ducks.

Silly boy finding all kinds of smells and a log to climb up

Off to find more to do

Catty way off at the end of the pier.  A very pretty afternoon and we were happy to beat any rain showers.

D'light was pretty excited about all of this brush and downed trees

I'm guessing a beaver did this to the base of this tree

More beaver work

"Catty what are you doing?"

"Oh Catty you better not fall in!"

Catty says "No problem, I have great balance!"

"Catty what are you doing now?!"

"I'm getting a better view!"

Time to move on!

D'light deciding where to go next...

Both dogs had a great time exploring the area

"Look what the beaver did to this tree!"

Heading out on the fallen trees

We were sure that Catty was going be taking a swim but, she maintained her balance and no swimming on this day.

Time  to get going and D'light wasn't ready to head out

"Just a few more sniffs!"

We've headed to the entrance and D'light says "Here I come"

"I had so much fun here, lets come back soon!"

We have a 5+ mile walk home.  This walk was over 11 miles and everyone had a great time.

Once we were home it was time to rest the body...

and rest the eyes...

and take a good nap!

D'light found the bed with the electric blanket and had a nice relaxing afternoon!

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