Monday, February 15, 2016

D'light's amazing afternoon!

We headed over for a fun training session with one of D'light's very favorite people - Lori Stevens.
We started off with some TTouch work.  This video of touches is one that I will be watching over and over to perfect the series.  I'm planning on using this series of touches with D'light as a reinforcer.  As I've learned over time, there are lots of things other than food that animals find reinforcing!   We are playing with different reinforces with D'light as we are experimenting with getting back into Nose Work.  I'll talk more about that in coming posts.
Then we move onto working to build is core strength.  Lori is wonderful and I love that she gives us lots of exercises that we can do at home.

As you can see D'light is fully engaged and he just loves working with Lori!

D'light waiting for the next exercise!

More core work and I love watching him work with Lori.  While all of this work is important to build core strength and back end awareness, it's a huge confidence boost for D'light. 
Sweet D'light and Lori have a number of years of training together.  Lori has really expanded my world in terms of how I think about animals, how to build solid relationship built on trust and how to keep moving forward to improve communication & understanding with them. And lets not forget - she's shown us how to have fun while we do all of this work.

Time to work on bringing awareness to his back legs. 
D'light asks what are you doing Lori?"

Small wraps on his back legs to bring awareness as he works on the disk.

After so much fun and hard work it was time for Lori's magic fingers.  D'light loves Lori's touch and if he had his choice, he'd be doing this all the time with Lori!

After our session it was time for even more fun! 
We stopped off at Woodland Park to see if we could find some critters to chase.
While D'light is crittering I notice some of the first spring flowers I've seen!

"Move Mom!"

Love this picture and I'm excited with all the spring flowers that will soon be blooming.

"Enough looking at flowers, we need to look for critters!"

So many trees and for D'light that is awesome since trees = squirrels.

Looking good as he scans for critters

"Are you down there?"

He sniffs the air...

Off he goes!

Pretty backdrop of trees!

Time to motor & we head back to the car so that Viva has a chance to check out the park.


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